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As a company we pride ourselves in offering our customers solutions, not just products. Where required we can supply ancillary equipment to complement our core products. As a manufacturer with a flexible ‘can do’ approach, we can undertake many forms of customisation and bespoke manufacture. Feel free to call us on any pump related query

Some of the commonly used accessories supplied with our pumps include:

Suction and discharge pulsations dampeners

Peristaltic pumps are by nature inherently pulsing in operation. Excessive pressure spikes and pulsations within the pump system can be extremely damaging to the pump hose and the process system.

Appropriate pump selection will ensure pulsations are kept to an acceptable level. In certain circumstances where other constraints exist, it is possible to fit appropriate pulsation dampening equipment.

Correctly sized pulsation dampeners and inlet stabilisers can eliminate up to 90% of pressure spikes  protect pump, pipeline and instrumentation  reduce vibration, hammer and noise  maintain pump efficiency and hose life. Specific details and recommendations are dependent upon the application. Please enquire for further details.


Hose failure detection

Pump hose failure is inevitable. When a hose fails it is dependent upon many factors and may not be when someone is watching the pump ready to switch it off.

Installing a Hose Failure Detector is a simple solution. When a pump hose fails, pumped product is contained within the pump housing mixing with the hose lubricant and raising the liquid level within the pump housing. The Hose Failure Detector will sense this rise in liquid level activating a contact relay, switching the pump off.

Three key advantages

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1. For a given flow rate our pumps run slower than most competitive pumps, resulting in longer life and reduced time between failures.
2. Slower speed also results in reduced energy consumption.
3. Studies show that the costs of replacing a regular pump with our peristaltic hose pump, could be recovered in less than two months of daily use!

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