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Simple in design – simple in operation

Building upon the already well proven peristaltic pumping concept, AFX has
brought a fresh new approach to the world of peristaltic pumping.

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Combining the benefits of compression rollers in peristaltic tube pumps with lubricated compression shoes in peristaltic hose pumps, significant operational cost saving benefits have been achieved.

Maintenance times have been significantly reduced due to simple and practical design concepts, with whole life cost of ownership in mind.



 Operating principle

The pumping action results from alternately compressing and relaxing a specially designed machined hose between the pump housing and the pump compression rollers. The fluid is pushed along the hose towards the discharge by the compression rollers, whilst the reopening hose behind the roller draws more fluid into the pump. With 100% hose closure at all times, there is no internal slip. This ensures excellent metering accuracy and pressure delivery. With no seals or valves, abrasive and particle-laden slurries are handled with ease. The inner wall of the hose is the only part in contact with the pumped fluid making it ideal for aggressive fluids.

Cost benefits

•    Pumps abrasive slurries, corrosivematerial, solids and gaseous liquidswith ease

•    Ideal for high viscosity or shearsensitive products

•    Pumps can run-dry indefinitelywithout damage

•    No check valves or seal water flush systems

•    Fully reversible – pumps in either direction

•    Minimal maintenance – the hose is the only wearing part

•    Pump casings available in a choice of materials including stainless steel

•    Suction lift capability up to 9.5 metres and self-priming

•    Highly accurate

Pump selection

We attach the same care and dedication not only to pump and hose design, but also to the selection and application of our pumps. To ensure consistent and repeatable success, application engineers have access to our in-house developed software for accurate pump selection.

Developed in conjunction with some of the industry’s leading experts, considerable practical experiences, coupled with time established fluid mathematics; the software considers all the relevant system and fluid characteristics, allowing our engineers to make pump selections with confidence.


•    Chemical Corrosive acids and shear sensitive medias.

•    Water and Waste Treatment Sludge pumping and chemical transfer and dosing.

•    Fishing industry Bulk transfer, ship unloading and effluent handling.

•    Paint and pigmentsDispersion mill feed, pigment and latex transfer.

•    Pulp and Paper Dyes, sizing agents, and titanium dioxide.

•    Mining Underflow pumping, tailing slurries, sludges and reagents.

•    Ceramics Clay slip and glazes.

•    Construction Cements, coatings, spray concrete, colorants and aggregate

•    Print and Packaging Inks, coatings and adhesives

•    Food and Drink Yeast cropping, fillings, sauces, flavourings, additives and effluents.

•    OEM Bespoke manufactured units designed for integration into other equipment.

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