AFX Hoses


The 'Heart' Of The Pump

A carefully designed and manufactured hose element is the single most vital component for the performance, durability, and efficiency of any peristaltic hose pump.

To ensure a good pump you must have a good hose, and this is where AFX excels. Each hose we supply is built under stringent quality control measures, using high quality, compounded rubbers, reinforced with four individual layers of braided nylon carefully set at optimum angles. Once cured, the outer diameter of each hose is precision machined to exacting tolerances ensuring a perfectly sized hose. An accurately sized hose ensures perfect compression, which eliminates internal slip (which reduces pump efficiency and allows for the abrasive slurries to prematurely destroy the hose.)

Designed And Manufactured To Perfection

Utilising design tools such as finite element analysis (FEA), backed up by physical tests and theoretical calculations, our hoses are designed to perfection – right down to the position of the reinforcing layers, the braid angles, cord thickness, and the thickness of the surrounding rubber.

The roller geometry and the profile of the pump housing are all designed and engineered to optimise the performance of the pump hose.
To ensure a good repeatable and consistent hose life, you must have a hose built and machined to exacting tolerances. To us the ISO standards are not good enough. All our hoses exceed the requirements set out in ISO 1307 and DIN7715.


Available Hose Liner Materials

Natural Rubber (NR)

A general purpose material with
excellent mechanical and abrasion
resistant properties. Suitable for
all water-based applications and
mild acids, alkalis or oxidising agents.
Max. fluid temperature: 80 °C
Min. temperature: -20 °C



Ethylene propylene diene rubber.
Excellent chemical resistance,
especially to ketones, esters,
alcohols and concentrated acids.
Max. fluid temperature: 90 °C
Min. temperature: -10 °C      

Nitrile (NBR)

Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber.
A durable material resistant to oils,
greases, alkalis and detergents.
Compliant to European BfR
standards, this liner can also be used in a wide range of applications in the food industry.
Max. fluid temperature: 80 °C
Min. temperature: -10 °C

 CSM (Hypalon®)

Chlorosuphonyl polyethylene rubber.
Excellent chemical resistance to high concentration acids, ozones, and other oxidising materials.
Max. fluid temperature: 80 °C
Min. temperature: -10 °C


The Anatomy Of Our Hose

hose1. Unground outer cover
2. Precision ground finished hose
3. Layers of reinforcement braid
4. Inner hose liner




Hoses for use in other manufacturers’ pumps

So confident are we of the quality of our hose, we will supply hoses, produced to original tolerances, for a number of the major peristaltic pump manufacturers pumps. We have successfully reduced operational costs for a large number of customers by using our hose in their existing peristaltic hose pumps. Call us for further details.

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