AFX Pumps and hoses

Our extensive range of peristaltic hose pumps includes one of the largest pumps of this type in the world. Our 150mm pump has a maximum flow rate of 147m3/hr, and can deliver pressures up to 10 Bar. These units are ideal for high flow applications.

AFX also supply hoses for many makes of peristaltic pumps and has the expertise to advise on all piping and system layouts.

AFX Pumps

Simple in design – simple in operation

Building upon the already well proven peristaltic pumping concept, AFX has
brought a fresh new approach to the world of peristaltic pumping.


AFX Hoses


The 'Heart' Of The Pump

A carefully designed and manufactured hose element is the single most vital component for the performance, durability, and efficiency of any peristaltic hose pump.


Options & Accessories

As a company we pride ourselves in offering our customers solutions, not just products. Where required we can supply ancillary equipment to complement our core products. As a manufacturer with a flexible ‘can do’ approach, we can undertake many forms of customisation and bespoke manufacture. Feel free to call us on any pump related query


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