In Line Mixers

In Line Mixers:

in line resisedAre specially designed mixers to suit applications where traditional larger scale mixers cannot be utilised. This may be due to space constraints or may form part of a cost saving initiative in a particular plant. In line mixers are inserted into the pipeline structure, w hich allows for continuous process mixing. Typically there are two types of In line mixers namely, conventional and static.



Conventional In Line Mixers:

This particular type of mixer uses rotating impellers and requires its own power supply in addition to the flow supplied by the process stream.

Static In Line Mixers:

This range has fixed (static) elements, the only energy source is provided by the process stream alone.
AFX is capable of designing In Line Mixers to suit your particular application and we are able to provide you with the relevant guidance and assistance with regards to the equipment needs for your process.

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