AFX manufactures a range of top entry agitators from 0.25kW to 750kW, for use in mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste management and paper industries. The company’s manufacturing facility, was specially chosen due to the availability of high quality machining facilities, a competent labour force and shipping access to export markets.

Top Entry Mixers

Fluid mixing applications are primarily divided into 3 main categories:

  • Flow sensitive applications
  • Gas Dispersions
  • Chemical Reactions


In Line Mixers

In Line Mixers:

Are specially designed mixers to suit applications where traditional larger scale mixers cannot be utilised. This may be due to space constraints or may form part of a cost saving initiative in a particular plant. In line mixers are inserted into the pipeline structure, which allows for continuous process mixing. Typically there are two types of In line mixers namely, conventional and static.


Side Entry Mixers

Side Entry Mixers:

This particular type of mixer is typically found in the petrochemical industry; crude oil and petroleum storage tanks, and some pulp and paper applications too.


Impeller Equipment

Mixing Technology represents a balance between the requirements of the process and the output efficiency of the impeller.

Impellers used in agitation systems are required to produce three basic fluid regimes:


Ancillary Equipment And Applications

Pedestals and Mounting Bases

Where a processing plant is experiencing problems with gearbox cracking or other failure, the problems can result from the gearbox being inadequately selected for the agitator loading.


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